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Be Smart with Social Media

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Want to make a good impression with a college coach? Your social media presence is important.

Children see, children do... how will your kids imitate you?
We believe coaches should coach and parents can say... “I love to watch you play.”

Sideline Behavior
Guidelines for Honoring the Game

The key to preventing adult misbehavior in youth sports is a youth sports culture in which all involved “Honor the Game.” Honoring the Game gets to the ROOTS of the matter and involves respect for the Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and one’s Self.

Suggestions for Snacks and Drinks
Creating a Culture of Health for our Players

The Castro Valley Soccer Club wants to encourage parents and coaches to stay informed of ways to keep our kids healthy.  With that in mind, we’d like to share some links and articles about snacks and drinks. 

What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Perform
by Tim Elmore - August 16, 2013

College athletes were asked what their parents said that made them feel great, that amplified their joy during and after a ballgame. Their overwhelming response: “I love to watch you play.”

The Respect Guide
Is the support you’re giving appropriate?

The Respect program reaches out to all grassroots soccer parents to set a positive example.

Find ways to:

  • Improve conduct on the sidelines
  • Promote positive role models
  • Keep children in the game

The Little Team
271 goals against, with only 1 goal for them

Once upon a time, there was a soccer team.  They were very small, and very young, and not very skilled.  All the other teams were bigger and faster, and scored more goals.  A lot more goals.

Parallel Play
Sam Snow, US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching Education

Parallel play is when children play alongside each other.  It is important for early childhood coaches and administrators to teach this reality to the children’s parents and to let everyone know it is OK to play swarm ball at U6 and U8.

What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent -- And What Makes A Great One
Written by: Steve Henson

Hundreds of college athletes were asked to think back: "What is your worst memory from playing youth and high school sports?"

Their overwhelming response: "The ride home from games with my parents."

US Youth Soccer Sits Down with Men's National Team Standouts

Landon Donovan, Hercules Gomez, Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey sat down with us to talk about their days playing US Youth Soccer and opportunities the game has given them.

Being a Top Notch Parent
by the OYSA Director of Coaching

Positive Parenting | Being a top notch parent

Mike Smith, Director of Coaching for Oregon Youth Soccer, gives tips on how to be a top notch parent of a youth soccer player.

Offside Rule Video
A thorough explanation of the offside rule

The offside rule is one rule in soccer that can be very confusing to many coaches and parents alike. Below is a link that will break the rule down and help you understand it with a different perspective.

Thank you and hopefully you learned something new!

Attitudes are Contagious
Are yours worth catching?

Mass Youth Soccer has developed and produced an outstanding video focusing on the issues of sideline behavior of adults, and specifically on how that behavior is affecting the retention of qualified referees.

In Youth Sports, Losing is for Champions
By KJ DELL'ANTONIA - March 6, 2012

As hard as it is, we parents should embrace, and even welcome, every single loss.

It’s the nature of the game (or the race, or the tournament) that there are more losers than winners. The former Olympic skier Edie Thys Morgan urges parents to give up on “secretly hoping for success every time” in her blog this month.

The Power of Positive Coaching
By DAVID BORNSTEIN - October 20, 2011

Coaches can be enormously influential in the lives of children. If you ask a random group of adults to recall something of significance that happened in their fourth or fifth grade classroom, many will draw a blank. But ask about a sports memory from childhood and you’re likely to hear about a game winning hit, or a dropped pass, that, decades later, can still elicit emotion. The meaning that coaches or parents help young people derive from such moments can shape their lives.

Age Group Chart

The Birth-year chart below provides an example on how to calculate age group and birth year. 


10 Ways to Show Sportsmanship
Courtesy of All Pro Dad website

Nobody likes to lose. It’s painful and sometimes heartbreaking. It is also every bit as important as winning. A strong character does not come from never experiencing sorrow. Character is built in life’s tough moments. How we handle ourselves during those times says a great deal about what kind of person we are. Proper sportsmanship teaches good behavior and builds strong character. Here are some ways to instill sportsmanship in your child.