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Volunteers Needed

The Castro Valley Soccer Club is a non-profit volunteer run organization. The club is primarily operated and successful through the efforts of its many volunteer members.  The more volunteers we have involved, the less each volunteer needs to do.  We are in constant need of adding volunteers to replace those able bodies whose children have grown from our programs. The club is currently looking for volunteers to assist with running the soccer programs at CVSC.  If you have a little time, positive attitude and a desire to improve the quality of our club, please contact us to offer whatever help you can to continue our goal towards a successful youth soccer program.  Please take the time to look at the different positions we have available and contact us. 

Board Members and Volunteers Wanted!

Please contact us if you are interested in helping out with the youth soccer programs. It's a great way to use your talents to help the youth in our community while having a lot of fun! 


If you are interested in helping, we would love to hear from you!  Please email your name and phone number to our Volunteer Coordinator at:


or click here...


Volunteer Information

CVSC Volunteer Program FAQs

1) Why do we have a volunteer fee?

Castro Valley Soccer Club is greatly dependent on the volunteer support of our membership to help enable a positive soccer experience for all of our players and families. In return for these volunteer efforts, the club offers to reimburse the entire volunteer fee. 

2) How much is it? Volunteer fee is $60 per child for U7-U19 Recreational and Competitive Players. There is not a volunteer fee for Bumblebees, Grasshoppers or AFC players. 

3) How do I get my $$ back?
There are many ways to volunteer for CVSC please see the job list below (line #9). The only requirement
is that you volunteer 3hrs for each child registered. On the Dibs website you will see the column titled "credits", one credit equals one hour.

4) How long will it take for me to receive my credit? 
Once your hours are complete, you will be reimbursed via credit card or your original method of payment (check if you paid cash or check) within 30 business days.

5) How do I sign up? 
You will need to create a, "Dibs" account with Sports Engine in order to sign up for volunteer jobs, (for comp families you should have a Sports Engine account, this is what you used for registration) this is also a way for us to track your hours. Once you create your account you will need to click below the Dibs Session Name (August 2019 Volunteers), to see the available volunteer opportunities. We will continue to add volunteer opportunities for future dates.

1. Create a Dibs login:

2. Claim a Dibs Item (for users to sign up)

6) What  does credit mean on Dibs?

On the Dibs website you will see the column titled "credits", one credit equals one hour of volunteer work, 3 credits = 3hrs and so on....

7) Do I need to add an athlete when I sign up to volunteer on Dibs.

If you have a Rec player, please choose your name. If you have a Comp player you will need to choose your child's name.

8) What if I don't do my hours?
While we encourage everyone to share in the volunteer experience, we understand that not all families are able to volunteer due to other commitments or schedule conflicts. To accommodate this, families may opt out of volunteering by forfeiting their fee. 

9) What kind of jobs are there?
-Field set up and breakdown at  three locations: Canyon, Vannoy and Proctor 
-Soccer Celebration set-up and tear-down

-Wristband sales

-Street Eats
-Field Marshall during games
-Field Sweeping (monitor garbage and recycling during games)
-Coach, Assistant Coach  and Team Parent (Rec)
-Assistant Coach, Team Manager and Treasurer (Comp)
-Parking at Vannoy (weekly)

-Field Maintenance (i.e. fill golpher holes)

-Saturday Rec Drop in Sessions

-Container clean-up

10) What if I'm a coach, assistant coach or team manager for a rec team?
Up to three volunteer refunds will be given per team. Typically the head coach, the assistant coach and the team parent. The head coach can send an email to our volunteer coordinator and registrar to verify these individuals.

11) What if I'm an assistant coach, team manager or treasurer for a comp team?
Up to three volunteer refunds will be given per team. For comp, the assistant coach, the team manager and treasurer. The DOC, Andy, can send an email to our volunteer coordinator and registrar to 
verify these individuals.

12) What if my team has more than 3 key volunteers?

There are many ways to volunteer, please refer to line #9 for the list of opportunities.

13) Do I need to check in and out with someone when I volunteer?
Yes, when you arrive for your volunteer assignment, you will need to the Dibs job instructions or your contact person for that specific activity.

14) Do I need to do anything after I volunteer?

After volunteering sign out with your point person... simple as that!

Contact: Jen Benson

 The Role of a Board of Member

  • Attend monthly board meetings on the second Wednesday of each month.
  • Assist in the operation of the league.
  • Discuss general business and update all board members on issues you are directly involved with as required by your position.
  • Assist with sign-ups and other events throughout the year.
  • Attend other league meetings during the month as needed
  • Some positions may require attendance at other meetings outside our league (district meetings).
  • A board member’s term is a two (2) year term in same position.

 Interested in a board member position? 

Annual elections are held in December every year.


The two-year term will begin in calendar years ending in EVEN numbers for the following offices: (i.e. 2018)

  • President
  • Secretary
  • U7 & U8 Academy Program Director 
  • Recreational U14-U19 Program Director 
  • Competitive Program Director
  • Events Director
  • Fields Director
  • Volunteer Director


The two-year term will begin in calendar years ending in ODD numbers for the following offices: (i.e. 2019)

  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer 
  • Bumblebee & Grasshopper Program Director
  • Recreational U9- U12 Program Director
  • TOPSoccer Program Director
  • Communications Director
  • Operations Director
  • Referee Program Director