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Competitive Program Outline

Thank you for considering the Castro Valley Soccer Club’s (“CVSC”) Competitive Program for your child. This Program provides your child to play soccer at a higher level than the Recreational Program can offer. The purpose of this document is to provide prospective and returning players with information about the CVSC Competitive Program so they can make an informed decision about the upcoming season.

We have two tryouts per year. In May, for our full-year program and in February if we have player needs on our teams. Days and times are set and posted closer to the tryouts.

birth year matrix

Whether a returning player or someone considering competitive soccer for the first time, most people have the same basic questions:


Soccer is first and foremost a game, therefore competing is important. However, CVSC also believes it should be fun and enjoyable for both the players and their families. CVSC’s Competitive Program emphasizes developing a player’s passion for soccer while they learn how to play the game both as a well rounded individual and as a quality member of a team.

Fundamentals (ball mastery) are stressed at the younger age groups. Winning is a secondary consideration. As players mature and progress, decision making and tactics are introduced with winning becoming a greater consideration.

CVSC’s Competitive Program’s mission is Total Player Development in a family-friendly environment. We want our players and teams to be successful both on and off the field.


Competitive teams can play at 5-6 levels: NPL (U13 and above), Premier, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper. CVSC will attempt to form at least one Premier, Gold or Silver team and at least one Bronze or Copper level team per age group. However if we can form more teams then we will strive to do so.


CVSC Competitive Teams are formed using a player tryout process. CVSC’s goal is to form teams at all age groups. However, team formation is dependent upon the number and quality of players that attend tryouts and commit to play for the CVSC team they are selected. CVSC competitive program has teams in U8-U12 age group. At U13-U19 our competitive teams move up to play in our sister club AFC.


Tryouts are organized, operated and managed by 24-7 UK Soccer Academy on behalf of the CVSC. Tryouts take place in May for all age groups. Players interested in participating in the CVSC Competitive Program must attend at least one of the tryout dates for their age group. Players are evaluated on the seven key qualities that we specifically look for in a soccer player:

  1. Communication
  2. Game Insight
  3. Optimal Technique
  4. Creativity
  5. Optimal Fitness
  6. Effort
  7. Focus

Player evaluations and selections are made by the 24-7 staff, in conjunction with the CVSC Director of Player and Coach Development and CVSC Competitive Program Director.

All CVSC Green Team selected players will receive a phone call from the head coach confirming the player’s interest in playing on the team. Yellow team (2nd team) player will receive a phone call as soon as the green team rosters are finalized. White Team (3rd team) and Black Team (4th team) will follow the same procedure. Following the phone call from the head coach, players selected for competitive teams will have one week to register on-line with CVSC to secure their place on the team. Failure to register on time may result in a player being displaced from a CVSC Competitive team.


The time and travel commitment will vary depending upon the team’s age group and level. U8-10 teams train 2 x per week throughout the season, whereas the U11-12 teams have an additional third session in the Fall only.  These teams typically play in 3-4 tournaments per year. Locations of tournaments again will vary with the team’s age group and level. Teams will play half their games at “home” in Castro Valley and half of their games “away” in Alameda and surrounding counties.


Competitive soccer requires a higher level of commitment from the players and families who participate. The decision to play at this level is a choice that needs careful consideration. Even if a player is skilled enough and is selected to a competitive team, the choice to play competitive soccer may not be in the best interests of the player and/or his or her family. For those players and families who cannot commit to the time, travel, financial and volunteer requirements of Competitive Soccer, CVSC offers the option to play at the Recreational level. For Recreational Soccer, players are either assigned to teams by the Club based on residence, school, experience level, or via a player draft by coaches in the older age groups. Recreational teams usually practice one or two times per week beginning in August and finish in early November. Players are guaranteed 50% playing times and the focus is on a fun soccer experience with minimal emphasis on game results. Coaches are volunteers, usually the parent of a child on the team.


The higher level of commitment required by the CVSC Competitive Program provides a stable and consistent atmosphere for players to improve to their fullest potential from season to season. All players will improve in different areas at different rates during the stages of their development. Each team will ebb and flow as they grow together to meet their full potential. Our professional coaches are trained to guide players and teams through the ups and downs of a season as well as keep them on a path toward a successful season, both as individual players and as a team. The Recreational Program provides for a short soccer season. While there are many exceptional volunteer coaches in the Recreational Program, there is no guarantee your child will have the consistent commitment from the other players on the team.

For more information on CVSC’s Competitive Program, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..