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U16 Recreational Program

Program: U16 (2010-2009) Recreational 

Learning how to play as a team

It is helpful at this stage to stabilize all acquired technical-tactical basics, and to align these with position-specific requirements and greater tactical demands during games. Improving individual ability to lead teammates on and off the field while also achieving life balance with increasing training demands, social contact, and academic demands to create rewarding experiences. Players should be challenged to increase their independent decision making to improve pro-activity and self responsibility on the field. They will also develop their capacity to resolve difficult situations and react to adversity. 

What does the child need at this stage?

Players at this age have usually clearly defined which pathway they would like to participate in with the majority orienting themselves towards the recreational pathway. Players will often be very busy with many commitments including school, study, music, friends, and other extracurricular activities. Players will continue to play at their desired level and therefore for some players, soccer will become just one of these many commitments. Players are at the tail end of the growth spurt and become physically more stable. Late maturers have the opportunity to catch up physically and mentally with others.
Cost - $355 ($295 registration fee + $60 refundable volunteer fee with 3+ service hours to club)
Uniform - 2 x Jerseys, 1 x shorts, 1 x socks = $63.50 plus tax, purchase at Soccer Post Dublin
Location - TBD
Registration - Closed May 31, 2024 wait list available If a spot is available, we will place your player and charge your card.

PROGRESSION Development Phase II - Learning to play as a team

Playing Format: 11v11 with goalkeepers
Games: 2 x 40 mins
Objective(s):  ‘To prepare players for performance soccer by teaching them to apply the functional game skills in a team setting’
  • ‘Me and my scanning skills’ - players develop scanning skills
  • ‘Me and my movement skills’ - players develop fundamental movement skills
  • ‘Me and the ball’ - Players develop specific soccer skills based on a positional profile
  • ‘Me and my teammates’ - players develop high structured team play based on a style of play
Training/Game Frequency: 2 x 60 min session, 1 weekend game

Coaching Support: U15-16  teams are led by volunteer coaches with the assistance and support of 24-7 professional staff via coach request.

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