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U4 Bumblebees

Program: U4 (2021) Bumblebees

Engaging children in a safe, fun and rewarding environment

It is essential that young players are exposed to a high quality experience that is designed to meet their needs. This will be their first experience of playing soccer in an organized environment, which can be the deciding factor for whether they fall in love with sport or not. This initiation phase allows children to discover the game at their own speed and creates a positive experience with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.  

What does the player need at this stage?

The key to providing a high quality experience is understanding the needs of 3 year old children. Through understanding the stage of development they are at, and how they see the world, we can create a positive coaching and playing environment. Remember, we are developing the person and not just the player. 

Cost: $150 includes CVSC Bumblebee T shirt

Location -TBD

Registration -Open until May 31, 2024

DISCOVERY Development Stage I: Playful Technical Training - ‘Discovery and Falling in love with soccer’

Playing Format: Fun soccer based activities

Games: No games at this stage

Objective: Engaging players in a safe, fun, and rewarding environment 

  • ‘Me and my movement skills’ - Players discover (explore/experiment) fundamental movement skills
  • ‘Me and my ball’ - Players discover (explore/experiment) how to manipulate a ball with both hands and feet

Training Frequency

  • 1 x 30 min session per week on Sundays

Coaching Support:

  • U4 sessions are led by 24-7 professional staff with the on field assistance of parents.


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