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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Policy and Procedure Overview

At Castro Valley Soccer Club (CVSC), we want to give every child the opportunity to play soccer. It is the policy of CVSC to attempt to provide financial assistance to those players who might not otherwise be able to participate in our programs. CVSC provides a limited number of need-based financial aid based on total household income (Adjusted Gross Income - AGI). In order for us to assess your needs, please submit your application along with required supporting documents.

Applications must be submitted by June 1st, 2024:
pdf Financial Aid Application

The total financial aid awards given each year are based on a limited general financial aid budget that is set by the CSVC Board each year. Financial aid is available to both recreational and competitive team players, but may only be awarded for players registration costs. Financial aid is in general not available for team fees (e.g. tournament costs), uniforms, special camps, academies, or other training programs, whether offered through CVSC, 24/7, or another organization. A financial aid award in one year is, in no way, a guarantee of an award in a future year. The availability and the size of the awards (if any) may vary from year to year.

In general, CVSC has developed the following guidelines for assessing Financial Needs:

  1. Recreational Program:
    • For a household with an AGI below $75,000, up to 50% financial aid is possible.
  2. Competitive Program:
    • For a household with an AGI below $50,000, up to 75% financial aid is possible.
    • For a household with an AGI between $50,000 and $75,000, up to 50% financial aid is possible.
    • For a household with an AGI between $75,000 and $100,000, up to 25% financial aid is possible.

We ask that you complete the CVSC Financial Aid Application and email it back with the required supporting documentation to our Comp Program Director or our Registrar. The Club cannot make a financial aid determination without the supporting documentation. We try to ask for the very minimum information that will help us most fairly distribute our current funds. This information is kept with the highest level of confidentiality possible with a very limited number of Club Officials reviewing each application.

Due to the limited funds budgeted we suggest that families apply as early as possible, before the close of registration. Please contact the Comp Program Director or our Registrar if you have questions about submitting your application and supporting documents.

In addition players can use sponsors to help with training or team fees.
pdf Sponsorship form for CVSC players or teams

Any and all exceptions to the above policies may be made only with the approval of the CVSC Board. CVSC reserves the right to modify the above policies from time to time or to eliminate them at any time at its discretion.