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U9-10 Recreational Program

Program: U9-10 (2015-2014) Recreational

Training that looks like the game: Comfort with the Ball

The player will play games with motivational and competitive challenges, with a growing emphasis placed on learning of the core skills. Game days tend to be more focused on the matches themselves, with 7v7 team sizes providing the appropriate building blocks towards the 11v11 format of youth soccer. The focus, however, is still on enjoyment with results taking a secondary priority. 

What does the child need at this stage?

This is the stage to ensure the core skills are in place for long term participation in the game. On top of this, we strive to create a creative environment that promotes a desire to enjoy sport whilst being challenged and trying new things. At this age, players become more competitive and aware of others, but retain a thirst to learn through playing. Coaches must provide them with a challenging environment that offers lots of opportunities to make decisions, learn new skills and apply them within the game.

Cost: $355 ($295 registration fee + $60 refundable volunteer fee with 3+ service hours to club)

Uniform: 2 x Jerseys, 1 x shorts, 1 x socks = $63.50 plus tax, purchase at Soccer Pro Dublin

Location: TBD

FOUNDATION Development Stage II: Soccer specific basic training - Playing together with purpose


Playing Format: 7v7 with goalkeepers, including a build out line.

Rules: US Soccer 7v7 Player Development Initiatives

Games: 2 x 25 mins

Objective: Developing the soccer specific movement and technical capabilities to support an effective lifelong participation in the sport.

  • ‘Me and my scanning skills’ - players develop scanning skills
  • ‘Me and my movement skills’ - players develop fundamental movement skills
  • ‘Me and the ball’ - Players continue to develop fundamental soccer skills with and without the ball under pressure
  • Me and my teammates’ - players develop cooperative play, low structured team play based on a style of play

Training/Game Frequency:  2 x 60 min session, 1 Saturday game

Coaching Support: U9-10 teams sessions are led by volunteer coaches with the assistance and support of 24-7 professional staff via coach request.

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