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U17-19 Recreational Program

Program: U17-19 (2008-2006) Recreational 

Learning how to perform as a team

The goal is to stabilize the best individual and team performance in an attempt to win games. Players in this stage will be adapting to the demands of working together to win games but also continue to further develop. At this stage in the players journey it is about providing them with opportunities to be challenged,  learn from, and enjoy  their soccer experiences to continually improve their performance levels. The players should be encouraged to manage a lifestyle that promotes best performance with them taking an active role in establishing and maintaining these practices.

What does the child need at this stage?

Players will want to continue to be challenged in an environment that best suits their needs. It is crucial to understand what is important to the player in order to provide a high quality experience that meets their individual needs. 
Cost - TBD Last year: $355 ($295 registration fee + $60 refundable volunteer fee with 3+ service hours to club)
Uniform - 2 x Jerseys, 1 x shorts, 1 x socks = $63.50 plus tax, purchase at Soccer Pro Dublin
Location - TBD

PROGRESSION Development Phase III - Performing as a team

Playing Format: 11v11 with goalkeepers
Games: 2 x 45 mins, games take place across the South East Bay area scheduled by the recreational soccer governing body, not CVSC.
Objective(s):  ‘To prepare players for performance soccer by teaching them to apply the functional game skills in a team setting’
  • ‘Me and my scanning skills’ - players develop scanning skills
  • ‘Me and my movement skills’ - players develop fundamental movement skills
  • ‘Me and my teammates’ - players develop high structured team play based on a style of play and game plan
  • ‘Me and my personal development’ - Players continue to develop soccer specific skills based on a positional profile and a highly individualized approach
  • ‘Me and my career’ - Players can develop by being integrated into adult soccer and lifelong participation
Training/Game Frequency: 2 x 60 min session, 1 weekend game
Coaching Support: U17-19  teams are led by volunteer coaches with the assistance and support of 24-7 professional staff via coach request.

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