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U7-8 Academy

Program: U7-8 (2018-2017) Academy

Playing fun games with lots of time on the ball

The player’s experience is filled with new and exciting challenges. Players are provided with more game specific activities, which offer fun and excitement throughout the season to help lay physical and technical foundations for physical literacy. 

What does the child need at this stage?

Generally children at this age are enthusiastic, motivated and have a desire to be active. We aim to provide them with lots of variation and create environments where they can explore new things through playing. A fun, motivational coaching and playing environment should be provided to meet the wants and needs of the developing 6-7 year old child.
Cost - $355 ($295 registration fee + $60 refundable volunteer fee with 3+ service hours to club)
Uniform - 2 x Jerseys, 1 x shorts, 1 x socks = $63.50 plus tax, purchase at Soccer Post Dublin
Location - TBD
Registration - Closed May 31, 2024 wait list available If a spot is available, we will place your player and charge your card.

FOUNDATION Development Stage I: FUNdamentals - ‘Mastering the ball’

Playing Format: 5v5 including goalkeepers
Rules: US Soccer 4v4 Player Development Initiatives with the following exceptions. Coaches are the referees. No goal or corner kicks or throw ins, coaches throw in the ball to restart play.
Games: 2 x 20 mins halves with a 5 min halftime
Objective: Developing physical literacy and laying technical foundations for future soccer competency in a fun motivational environment’
  • ‘Me and my scanning skills’ - players develop scanning skills
  • ‘Me and my movement skills’ - players develop fundamental movement skills
  • ‘Me and the ball’ - Players develop fundamental soccer skills with and without the ball
  • ‘Me and my teammates’ - players are introduced to cooperative, low structured team play
Training/Game Frequency: 2 x 60 min session, 1 Saturday game per week

Coaching Support: U7-8 Academy teams are led by volunteer coaches with the assistance and support of 24-7 professional staff on training days.

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