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U14 Recreational Program

Program: U14 (2012-2011) Recreational 

Transitioning to the 11v11 Game

During this period, players enter puberty and associated growth spurts. Growth and maturation, as well as interest in the sport, does not develop at the same rate for all individuals. The majority of players will orientate themselves towards recreational soccer and active participation. Players are looking to progress and develop, as well as satisfy other needs such as social contact and health and fitness benefits. This is a transition stage from grassroots to youth development soccer  and is a time where research shows many players drop out of the game.

What does the child need at this stage?

First and foremost, a young teenage player needs to have an enjoyable and challenging environment in order to keep them engaged in the sport. It is important that we introduce players to the game training method in a fun environment. Players at all ability levels will benefit from and enjoy being in a high quality environment.  
Cost - $355 ($295 registration fee + $60 refundable volunteer fee with 3+ service hours to club)
Uniform - 2 x Jerseys, 1 x shorts, 1 x socks = $63.50 plus tax, purchase at Soccer Post Dublin
Location - TBD
Registration - Closed May 31, 2024 wait list available If a spot is available, we will place your player and charge your card.

PROGRESSION Development Phase I - Learning the positions and the basic tasks in 11v11

Playing Format: 11v11 with goalkeepers
Games: 2 x 35 mins
Objective(s):  ‘To prepare players for performance soccer by teaching them to apply the functional game skills in a team setting’
  • ‘Me and my scanning skills’ - players develop scanning skills
  • ‘Me and my movement skills’ - players develop fundamental movement skills
  • ‘Me and the ball’ - Players continue to develop fundamental soccer skills with and without the ball under a high level of pressure
  • ‘Me and my teammates’ - players develop high structured team play based on a style of play
Training/Game Frequency: 2 x 60 min session, 1 weekend game
Coaching Support: U13-14  teams are led by volunteer coaches with the assistance and support of 24-7 professional staff via coach request.

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